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Juggling Sniffles, Still Working

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Today’s a different kind of day. I’m all cosied up in my bedroom which has turned into a makeshift office, thanks to a pesky sore throat. Swapping the buzz of the office for my comfy room, I’m all set to tackle work from the comfort of my TTRacing Iron Man gaming chair.

The morning’s been chill, no mad rush, just me easing into the day, ready to juggle the to-​do list. My bedroom feels like a sanctuary, a quiet spot where I can focus on work and also sneak in some extra rest between tasks.

Mom’s not around, but she’s left me with all the throat-​soothing goodies – a jug of water and a bunch of lozenges. Every sip of water and lozenge is like a little hug, a reminder to take it easy and look after myself.

I’ve got a couple of online meetings lined up later in the day. It’s a blend of work and wellness today, a reminder that it’s totally okay to take things slow and prior­i­tize health. Here’s to a day of getting stuff done, sipping water, and enjoying lozenges, all from the comfort of my room!Endmark