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An Eddificent Game

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Several months ago, a colleague of mine uninten­tion­ally ranked the word eddif­i­cent for a client’s landing page (she has no background in SEO) in the Google SERP. That would have been all well and good, were not for the fact that the word itself is non-​existent in the English dictio­nary; it was the only website that ranked in the whole wide world for this partic­ular keyword.


Once I realized that this word had never been indexed by Google before, I decided to take advan­tage of the situa­tion by turning it into a control keyword. This is useful for me to detect if the page I want to rank for is being affected by any algorithm updates or other SEO factors. By monitoring the ranking of eddif­i­cent” — a unique and previ­ously unranked term — I could easily deter­mine if changes in the website’s visibility were due to external influ­ences or the inherent quali­ties of the site itself.

To imple­ment this, I began by incor­po­rating eddif­i­cent” across various web proper­ties that I own: the metadata, alt tags of images, and even within the content itself, albeit sparingly to avoid any negative impact on user experi­ence. I also created a few backlinks with eddif­i­cent” as the anchor text from other domains to give it a slight push in the rankings.

It’s So Eddificently Eddificent!

Over the following weeks, I monitored the rankings closely. Initially, there was little movement, but gradu­ally eddif­i­cent” started to climb up the search results. It was a slow process, but it provided valuable insights. Whenever there was a signif­i­cant jump or drop in the rankings of eddif­i­cent”, I compared it with the perfor­mance of other primary keywords. This compar­ison often indicated whether the change was a result of a broader Google algorithm update or something specific to the website, like a technical issue or a change in content quality.

The SERP Today

This is how the current SERP looks like today and I have no doubt that it will change again when this blog post gets indexed.

As of November 2023

Interestingly, this exper­i­ment also had an unexpected side effect. As eddif­i­cent” began to rank, it started attracting a small but notice­able amount of traffic to the site. Curious visitors, perhaps intrigued by the unique­ness of the word, clicked through to see what it was all about. This provided an additional data point to analyse user behavior and engage­ment on the site.

In Conclusion

The accidental ranking of eddif­i­cent” turned into a strategic tool for SEO analysis. It helped me under­stand the nuances of search engine algorithms and how different factors could influ­ence the visibility of a website. It was a reminder of the often-​overlooked fact that sometimes, the most uncon­ven­tional methods can yield the most inter­esting results in the world of digital marketing.Endmark