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@ASK Training Sacked Me

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Pronounced as /​eɪ/​/​es/​/​keɪ/​and not /​ɑːsk/​

And I can tell you that these idiots at @ASK Training do not know the first thing about SEO or what it entails. They don’t seem to realise the impor­tance of an SEO report and how it will be used to keep track of all work progres­sion in the present and in the future.

What Really Happened?

What these poor mofos did not know was that I held my job (still am!) in Kuala Lumpur when they first decided to appoint me as their resident SEO specialist, meaning that I was working at two compa­nies at the same time. Of course, this goes against their moonlighting clause, but hey, ignorance is bliss.

I don’t know how I did it, but I would say that I handled both jobs fairly well until I realised that this stupid Singapork company likes to call for online meetings unrelated to the job scope. Ad-​hoc. I was required to attend, which gave me serious problems as they clashed with my job schedule in KL.

The first time this happened, @ASK Training wanted to set up an online meeting at 9 AM (“orien­ta­tion”) on Monday. When that call was made, I was walking towards my KL office — panting and out of breath — to attend my agency’s weekly WIP meeting which also takes place at 9 AM! So I had to make an excuse that I was sending a family member to the hospital at the time.

They bought the story. I thought I was safe.

Unfortunately, in subse­quent events, I guess I was not so lucky. At one point, I even had to take a sick leave” because I could not be present for another of their irrel­e­vant online meetings”. Oh, the things we had to do to hold a second job without either party knowing!

So from juggling between these two jobs, techni­cally I missed only 1 or 2 out of 7 online meetings. A fair record? Nope, not according to them.

@ASK Training Fired Me

They called another impromptu meeting two days ago and summarily told me that I’m being fired for not attending their silly meetings which had absolutely nothing to do with SEO

To further rub salt into the wound, they called the SEO report that I did for them (which I had sleep­less nights doing, all the way up to the weekends) rubbish”, and worth­less” and that it could have been done in 3 days (an absur­dity that I’m still scratching my head about). 

Since they didn’t think that my SEO audit/​keywords proposal report was useful to them, I am hereby releasing it to the public domain. Let democ­racy be the judge of my work. And if you are a competitor for @ASK Training, use the keywords that I have listed in the report and smash the hell out of them in SERP rankings for me, will you?Endmark